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Cartagena Retreat 2023

Bliss at blue apple beach

What is your life’s work? Psst.. it’s you.

Join me at Blue Apple Beach Club in Cartagena, Colombia from September 22nd to the 28th for a labor of self love! Twice daily yoga, the Caribbean Sea, music, dancing, and reconnection.  
Fewer walls, more plants; fewer notifications, more birds; less them, more you.
The right retreat is life-changing! I’ll meet you there.


I'm Marina...

I’m a yoga teacher, rowing specialist, and yoga coach for founders, executives, and leadership teams. I have learned that to live a meaningful, illuminated, thriving life, you have to be willing to challenge and change your definitions of success and worth.

This is hard work, and it requires support and connection. Our community is here to nurture, encourage, and celebrate your evolution. 

Radical Yoga will show you freedom where you think you need control. Peace where you think you want numbness. Abundance where you think you’re alone.

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Radical Yoga Online Classes

Yoga is the living study of our relationship to ourselves and the world around us, just like evolution.

Radical Yoga is an invitation to get honest with yourself about who you are, and begin the compassionate process of removal of who you are not.

I built this space to welcome students of all kinds who are ready to dig in, and do the radical work to recognize themselves. 

Your energy, investment, joy and struggles are all safe here.

Welcome to The Process

The Radical Self

Two days of yoga and self recognition in Sarasota, Florida. You, me, and a few other like-minded people shutting off our phones and getting into our physical and energetic selves. 


Radical Leadership

Groundbreaking, high-achieving teams rely on clear communication, boundless vision, and great chemistry.

Our Radical Executive Yoga Training focuses on the individual to strengthen the team. You will see upticks in…

  • Emotional intelligence and self awareness.
  • Accountable and compassionate leadership. 
  • A thriving, healthy work environment.
  • Personal peace and balanced lives. 

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