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Hey Coach…

How fast would you be this year if nobody missed practice due to injury or burnout?

Would your team benefit from sharpened mental skills, controlled focus, regulated nerves, and balanced priorities?

Welcome to my Rowing Program…

I’ve combined my experience as a rowing coach and yoga teacher to create a training method for teams who want not just the physical edge but the mental one as well. Our work addresses the whole individual, creating a better boathouse dynamic while honing skills they will use for the rest of their lives.  

We combine traditional yoga poses with modern mobility work, breath techniques, and visualization exercises.

 Your team will…

  • Reduce injury and speed recovery by customizing an easy to remember program for your athletes to do before and after practice.
  • Sharpen mental discipline for better life balance and durability, allowing athletes to stay in the sport through collegiate and elite levels. 
  • Improve team chemistry by challenging everyone to look at their part of the whole.

I have worked with

Craftsbury Green Racing Project

OKC High Performance Center

Potomac High Performance Group

USRowing Olympic Development Camp

Men’s and Women’s high school and DI programs