A 3-Day

Radical Self Workshop

March 31-April 2

Radical means you’re willing to dismantle it, burn it down, tear it up…so that you can make it better. It takes honesty. It requires patience. And it demands dedicated practice.

Radical Self means you’re ready to look at your Whole Self, not just the parts that are suitable for company. Not just the elements of your identity you’ve come to rely on. It means digging up the parts you hide, or hide from.

To see yourself objectively and compassionately requires courage, clarity, humility, and fortitude. You need space and support to do this work.  

In my Radical Self Workshop, you come as you are. You don’t have to say a word the whole time, but you don’t have to hide from yourself either. 

Bring a Notebook.

When you get moments of energetic humming, that feeling of being physically and emotionally flossed, you are tuning into different sources of your own intelligence. I want you to capture those moments of truth, when you’re free from your  thinking mind and tapped into your intuitive one. 

My Radical Self Workshop will help you recognize  the wisdom already in you. Those aha moments can be fleeting. We’re going to write them down.


FRIDAY, MARCH 31 - noon

Vinyasa Flow

Public drop in class

FRIDAY, MARCH 31 - 6-8:00 pm


The body doesn’t think it has parts, it thinks it’s all one integrated whole. Your feet, your inner thighs, and your lower belly have as much to do with that inversion as your arms and shoulders! Join me for drills and flows and the upside down shenanigans you know and love but with a centering, whole body approach. 


Asymmetrical backbends

As we dive into poses we know and use often like Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior 1) and Anjaneyasana (low lunge), we create a greater understanding of more advanced shapes such as Hanumanasana (that’s right, the full split is a backbend!) and Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (full king pigeon). No pressure, no expectations, just a desire to leave feeling open, receptive, and nourished.


ground, center, expression- postures for life

I first learned the Ground, Center, Expression model at a Yoga for 12 Step Recovery teacher training and have since adopted it as a way to participate in the natural unsteadiness of life. By embracing rather than resisting the  dynamic, ever-changing nature of poses, we allow each shape to reveal a base into which we can root, a center that holds and connects us to meaning, and a free space into which we can pour our individuality. A mildly heating class, closing with meditation. 



Opening up the side body is key to allowing the arms to move over head in a healthy, sustainable way; it is vital in freeing the pelvis to move naturally; it improves hip mobility and allows for deeper forward bends and backward bends as well! This is a well rounded class that will have you feeling alive and activated from the shoulders to the ankles. 

SUNDAY, APRIL 2 - 4-6pm

backbends and breathing

We so frequently blow through backbends in our Salutations or at the end of a vigorous class without pausing to stay in them and learn from them the way we do other postures. Why? Fear, breath restriction, the uncomfortable upside down perspective or the change in relationship to gravity. Cultivate the comfort and stability needed to actually stay in a backbend and let it show you something about yourself. 

Individual classes for purchase based on availability.

Retreat Details

Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL

A gorgeous practice space with glass walls, sliding doors, and sweeping views of the sunset over the lake. We’ll be walking distance to hotels and many diverse food options. 

  • Yoga teachers: these are all countable contact hours for CE credits.


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