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A 3-Day

Radical Self Workshop

AUGUST 19- 21

Radical means you’re willing to dismantle it, burn it down, tear it up…so that you can make it better. It takes honesty. It requires patience. And it demands dedicated practice.

Radical Self means you’re ready to look at your Whole Self, not just the parts that are suitable for company. Not just the elements of your identity you’ve come to rely on. It means digging up the parts you hide, or hide from.

To see yourself objectively and compassionately requires courage, clarity, humility, and fortitude. You need space and support to do this work.  

In my Radical Self Workshop, you come as you are. You don’t have to say a word the whole time, but you don’t have to hide from yourself either. 

Bring a Notebook.

When you get moments of energetic humming, that feeling of being physically and emotionally flossed, you are tuning into different sources of your own intelligence. I want you to capture those moments of truth, when you’re free from your  thinking mind and tapped into your intuitive one. 

My Radical Self Workshop will help you recognize  the wisdom already in you. Those aha moments can be fleeting. We’re going to write them down.

Bring Props.

I will have some blocks and straps, but not enough for everyone, so bring em if you’ve got em (you know you built up that home gym over the pandemic). A mat, two blocks and a strap will do. I have some blankets too, but feel free to bring your own.


FRIDAY, AUGUST 19 - noon

Vinyasa Flow

Public drop in class

FRIDAY, AUGUST 19 - 6-8:30 pm


Learn backbends from someone who loves backbends. Ask your body to travel a different route, to reopen closed roads, stay softly present while new information flows. More of an experience than a workshop.  Yes we will finish with counter poses like a class, but you’ll still feel it the next day. These are not monsters, loves, absolutely all levels welcome, just bring your courage and your sense of humor.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 20 - 1:30-3:30 pm


“The muse must know where to find you”- Billy Wilder. The process of standing in who you are and putting down who you are not is one of heat, of friction, of stickiness. Expand your comfort zone from the inside out without bravado, with honesty and humility. Practice committing fully to the moment and holding lightly the outcome. Whether you go upside or not is up to you, but we will ignite the center and feel the lightness that comes from allowing the consciousness to sit there.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 20 - 4:30-6:30 pm


Quality of life is subjective; our experience of the world depends entirely on the lens through which you see it. A yin class is the perfect opportunity to invite yourself out of judgment and into observation, to practice moving the attention from the unproductive to the productive.  In this way, you learn to control the world you live in. You reassume self mastery and self governance, being exactly who you are independent of who or what is around you. This is true freedom.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 21 - 9-10:15 am


Public drop in class

SUNDAY, AUGUST 21 - 1:30-3:30 pm


Open hips uncover the inner intelligence. When we wake up and free up the glutes, the flexors, and the rotators we allow the pelvis to sit well with the spine, and when the spine is aligned the information flows, the brilliance is unlocked, and the compassion is free to expand past the boundaries of the skin. We cultivate resilience with tapas, bravery with backbends, mindful awareness with yin, and we finish by letting the inner brilliance flow.

Individual classes for purchase based on availability.

Retreat Details

Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL

A gorgeous practice space with glass walls, sliding doors, and sweeping views of the sunset over the lake. We’ll be walking distance to hotels and many diverse food options. 

  • Yoga teachers: these are all countable contact hours for CE credits.


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