Online Yoga Courses for Athletes

To perform at your best, you need a connected body and a disciplined mind. At Radical Yoga, we offer online yoga classes for athletes to help balance, sharpen, and restore the whole person. Read on to learn more about our classes and the benefits of yoga courses for athletes.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

Radical Yoga classes for athletes build core strength, increase mobility and facilitate recovery. Yoga for athletes prevents injury and can help rebuild the body after an injury has occurred. Yoga postures make the body more stable and pliable.

Athletes who practice yoga understand how breath works with the nervous system. In our yoga courses for athletes, we customize a breathwork and movement pattern that will have your body functioning at its best.

Mental Benefits of Yoga

At Radical Yoga, we understand the pressure athletes are under to perform well. We know this stress affects not only athletic performance, but everyday life as well. Regular yoga classes can help reduce stress and anxiety. Our yoga classes for athletes are designed to help you optimize your training and build a supportive, balanced life outside athletics.  

Benefits of Online Classes

At Radical Yoga, we know that everyone is busy, especially athletes. You may not often be in the same city for multiple days, or you may not have a consistent schedule. That’s why we offer online yoga classes for athletes. We will customize a schedule for you with one-on-one sessions that provide real mental and physical relief.

For more information about our online yoga courses for athletes, contact Marina Traub at Radical Yoga by filling out the online contact form today. You can also browse our class schedule to learn more.